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William Hague warns of ‘Middle east cold war’

In an article in the UK newspaper The Daily Telegraph William Hague states that Iran’s continued pursuit of nuclear weapons could lead to a Middle Eastern cold war.  Hague states that he feels Iran is clearly continuing their nuclear weapons program and that such a course would be “ a disaster in world affairs”.  At a time when reports from Washington indicate that officials feel Iran are ignoring economic sanctions and that there is a reluctance to bring anything new to the negotiation table there are fears that there is an increased chance of Israel of the US attacking Iran.  The official line from the UK government says that they do not support a war with Iran however Hague stated that “all options must remain on the table”.

William Hague

William Hague

“[The Iranians] are clearly continuing their nuclear weapons programme, If they obtain nuclear weapons capability, then I think other nations across the Middle East will want to develop nuclear weapons.

“And so, the most serious round of nuclear proliferation since nuclear weapons were invented would have begun with all the destabilising effects in the Middle East. And the threat of a new cold war in the Middle East without necessarily all the safety mechanisms. That would be a disaster in world affairs.”

An article about the interview from the Guardian website can be found here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/feb/18/iran-nuclear-ambitions-middle-east?fb=native&CMP=FBCNETTXT9038