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The main function of this site other than providing news and updates on the situation in the Middle East centered on Iran is to host a petition that will be sent to all relevant parties in the conflict such as The P5+1, The UN and The EU.  Please add your voice to the growing number of people who have woken up to the fact that that a new Middle Eastern War centered around Iran could be the tipping point to a wider reaching and potentially catastrophic war involving the US, Britain, Russia, China, Iran, Israel, Syria, Turkey and some of the EU member states to name but a few.  The rest of this site is dedicated to bring you news and articles of interest relating to the situation surrounding Iran, we aim to be impartial and provide coverage from all sides and all points of view whilst remaining steadfast in our opposition of a war with Iran, please visit the rest of the site and some of the sites we recommend to help educate yourself on what could be one of the most important political situations of recent years.

We will not pass any contact information to any third parties and will not use your personal information to try and sell or promote products of any kind, the details of this petition will however be passed to bodies such as the United Nations, the International Atomic Energy Agency, the United States Congress, the Parliament of Great Britain, the European Union, the Majilis of Iran and the Israeli Knesset.

The Petition:

We the undersigned wish to state that we do not agree with a potential war with Iran. The consequences of such a war could be wide reaching and potentially deadly to the world at large, we do not wish to see a situation develop with the world divided around a conflict centered in Iran.

Although we recognise that it would be wrong for Iran to be developing nuclear weapons having signed the Non-proliferation Treaty we respect the right of any member of the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) and signatory of the Non-proliferation Treaty to develop nuclear power for peaceful civilian purposes.

We do not believe that the peoples of any country wish to see other countries torn apart in another needless war that will benefit no-one.

We urge The Majlis of Iran, The Iranian Assembly of Experts, The United States Congress, The British Parliament, The Knesset, The United Nations, The European Union, The IAEA and members of The P5 + 1 to focus all possible energies on resolving the issues surrounding Iran and any the objectors to it’s nuclear program peacefully and without resorting to war or provocative actions.

Say NO to war with Iran.


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Robert Thomas,
War with Iran is nothing short of insanity.

Felix Bruyns,

Luca Dondero,
In the name of G-d , one alex in west is enough

michael walsh,

Peter Millman,
I say no to sanctions agains Iran as well.


Ada Tucker,

Ada Tucker,

Jesse Hancock,

Caroline Alker,

Michael Williams,

Rick Lindley,
No more wars waged in my name, it's time to make a stand against the corrupt regimes of this world.

no more blood for oil,stop the wars

Phil Gracey,
A war with Iran will be a disaster! Please no more Iraq style wars.

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  1. Peter Millman says:

    I say no to sanctions against Iran. All they do is punish innocent people.

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