Obama promised arms to Israel in return for delay in Iran attack

Fighters and ‘bunker buster’ bombs were promised to Israel in return for delaying attacks until 2013

Israeli newspaper Ma’ariv featured a story today claiming that during talks between Benjamin Netanyahu and Barack Obama at the White House on Monday the US president offered to gift Israel advanced bunker busters and long range fighter jets designed to fly thousands of kilometers in return for delaying any attacks on Iran until 2013, after the 2012 US presidential elections.

Israel war flag

The information was said to be given to the paper by diplomatic officials who were present at the meeting and who heard the conversation between Netanyahu and Obama, the article also stated that this did not mean that the US was giving Israel the green light to attack only that they would not oppose any 2013 attacks.  Many will not see this ‘package deal’ in the same light though and may interpret it as a sign that the US is ready to support attacks on Iran once the presidential race is out of the way.

The bombs in question could be the US BLU-109′s or it’s successor the Massive Ordinance Penetrator (MOP), also dubbed ‘Big BLU’, which the US took delivery of in september last year.  The bunker busters work by smashing through the walls of the bunkers and have a delay so they explode only once they are inside the bunker to do the most damage.  Here’s a CNN video on the hilariously named Massive Ordinance Penetrator:



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